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5 Essential Fall Car Care Month Tips

October 17, 2019


Happy Fall! October is a time for lots of fun activities in Raleigh: the state fair, festivals, concerts, and dressing up for Halloween. There is something else, though, that needs to be considered once we see the leaves start to change color! October is National Car Care Month, and along with all of the other exciting entertainment that we get to enjoy, we also need to take a moment to care for our cars. Not only does it benefit your car to address maintenance concerns, but it keeps you safe too!

Checking Tire Pressure and Treads

Did you know that cold weather can make the air in your tires condense? You can lose up to one PSI for every 10-degree drop in the temperature. As the weather continues to cool off, make a habit of checking your tire pressure along the way. In addition to watching the pressure inside your tire, take a good look at the tires’ outward appearance too! Are they looking worn or cracked? Is the tread almost gone? If so, it’s time to replace them!

Inspecting the Engine Belts and Hoses

Cold weather can make belts and hoses prone to cracking or breaking, so you want to make sure they are ready for the weather ahead! Having a professional inspect these essential components to your car’s engine will help avoid debilitating breaks or leaks.

Examining the Air Filter

Your car uses air that it pulls in from the outside to help it run. If you have an air filter that is full of dust and debris, your engine can’t perform at its full capacity. To check if your air filter is still good, take it out and hold it up to bright light. If you can’t see any light coming through, it’s time to replace it. Not sure where your air filter even is? Bring it in to us at Autohaus Import Service and we can check it for you!

Changing Out Old Wiper Blades

Ideally, your wiper blades should be completely clearing your windshield with every wipe. Does that sound far from your wipers’ reality? This problem is easily solved with a new pair of blades!

Monitoring Coolant Levels

You can check your coolant level by observing how much is in the reservoir. If it is below the recommended line, add a 50/50 mixture of water and coolant. You can also buy a prediluted coolant if you don’t want to mix it yourself. An important note: always wait until the engine is completely cool before taking off the cap to the reservoir or adding coolant!


At Autohaus Import Service, we know how to get your car ready for fall and winter roads in Raleigh! If you have any questions about Fall Car Care Month and what to do to prepare, or if you want to make an appointment, call us at (919) 925-5949.

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