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6814 Davis Circle Raleigh NC
Monday-Friday 7:30am - 6:00pm
(919) 881-0364

Raleigh Infiniti Repair

Infiniti, ah, Infiniti… you will always have a warm spot in the heart of the Roger’s household.
We are a long line of Infiniti owners. Doug drove a Q45T for years, his Mom owned several, and Donna’s son, Ryan, would own nothing else. Impeccable ergonomics, handling, comfort, and styling make Infiniti an exceptional car to drive and own. Hi, I’m Donna Rogers, co-owner of Autohaus. I had the privilege of working at Raleigh’s first Infiniti dealership for 6 years. In the early years Infiniti insisted that every employee be sent to training in Phoenix, AZ. I was allowed to drive Infiniti’s, Mercedes, and BMW’s on a test track to learn how Infiniti engineering and design set them apart from other luxury brands. It was a thrilling experience I will always remember, and the Infiniti did not disappoint on skid tests, braking, maneuvering….or on speed! Like all modern luxury brands, Infiniti’s are complex vehicles with a need for specialized training, tooling, and diagnostics. At Autohaus, we have serviced and maintained Infiniti’s from our beginning in 2003. These cars are built to last, my son has one with over 200,000 miles, and it keeps on going! Autohaus can provide you with all necessary maintenance and repairs on your Infiniti. We have top of the line diagnostic equipment, and highly skilled and certified technicians who can diagnose and repair your Infiniti right the first time! No concern is too big, or too small for us. From something as simple as bulb or wiper blade replacement, diagnosis of complex drivability concerns, up to engine and transmission replacement, Autohaus has your service needs covered! At Autohaus, we are driven to earn your trust as your Infiniti service provider. Schedule your appointment today, or call us at (919) 881-0364, and let us get to know you, as well as your car!

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