Raleigh Jaguar Repair

At Autohaus Import Service, we are in agreement that the Jaguar car line is, hands down, the most beautifully styled car on the road today. Jaguar has a timeless, classic body styling that seems to defy aging!

That said,these vehicles are among the most expensive luxury import vehicles to keep rolling. In our experience, they have a higher incidence of mechanical repair. Staying on top of the maintenance schedule is a MUST, not a “maybe in a few months” discretionary item.

Our most satisfied Jaguar owners at Autohaus are the ones that never miss their semi-annual vehicle wellness appointment, and are able to stay in front of the curve on these complex vehicles.

As a dealership alternative, Autohaus Import Service offers a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty on most repairs, as well as a free roadside assistance program* (see store for details).

No service too small, no repair too large.! Autohaus provides a full range of Jaguar service, from a simple bulb replacement to a complex driveability diagnosis. Call (919) 881-0364 today, or conveniently schedule online. We look forward to earning your trust, as we take care of YOU, as well as your car.